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You know we have a collection of over 40,000 books, dvd’s, audiobook, magazines, music cd’s and newspapers for your use. But did you know about our electronic collection? We provide access to genealogy, books, music, magazine, newspaper and research databases.

Try eRead Illinois for downloo eBooks to your Nook, Kindle, laptop or tablet. Check out the Google or Apple store for the free axisReader app. Apple store for the free axisReader app. Our newest database is World Vital Records, available in the library or any place with internet connection. World Vital Records is the perfect genealogy resource for a cold, damp evening, fun without leaving the house. Want to keep up on world news? Try our free newspaper database – Newsbank, America’s Newspapers, for Chicago, Peoria, USAToday and other newspapers.


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Preserving Your Personal Digital Files


In this digital age, more of our memories are kept on our computers, flash drives and the cloud. But how do we preserve those memories as technology changes? Alyce Scott tells us how to protect and keep photos, music, and videos. Join us on 23 October for Preserving Your Personal Digital Files. The program begins at 6:30 in the library’s main reading area.

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Download a Zinio eMagazine

Peru Public Library patrons have access to Zinio to download magazines from the comfort of home. Using Zinio, you have unlimited access to complete digital issues of magazines, for viewing on most Internet-enabled devices inside or outside of the library. Car & Driver, Do It Yourself, Popular Mechanics and Vegetarian Times are just a few of the popular titles available through the library’s subscription to Zinio.

And you keep the downloaded issue, there are not any due dates or limits to the number of issues borrowed. Using your free Zinio Reader account, you access and read issues anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device or computer. Staying warm and dry at home.

Have questions? Please see a library staff member for more information on creating your free accounts for this new service or click here.

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CardStar for your library card

CardstarNow you can add your Peru Public Library card to your CardStar™ app. Never forget your library card by carrying a virtual card. Visit CardStar™, select Peru Public Library, enter your account number. You are done. You have a virtual library card.


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