Food for Fines coming to Library

Food pantryHave you avoided the library because you owe a fine? If so, you have a chance to reduce your fine while helping those in need around the Illinois Valley.

Library users who owe fines have the opportunity to make food donations in place of paying the fee during the library’s Food for Fines program December 3 to 15. For each non-perishable food item donated at the library, we will forgive $1 of fines, up to $25. The donated food will be given to the Illinois Valley Food Pantry.

This is the third year area libraries are cooperatively working to help area food pantries while also helping patrons reduce fines. Along with Peru, La Salle, Oglesby, Putnam County, Graves-Hume and Richard A. Mautino libraries are also participating.

The Food for Fines program only applies to overdue items at the library. The material does need to be returned, or the fine continue accumulating. The food donations may not be used to waive fees for InterLibrary Loan, copies or lost and damaged items.

About Peru Public Library

Established in 1910, the Peru Public Library serves a population of over 10,000 in the Illinois Valley region of La Salle County, Illinois
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