Comments from our patrons

The library encourages patron comments. These comments help us respond to the needs and wants of our community. Whether positive, negative or neutral, your comments help us think and improve. We thought you might like to see the comments we received and our responses,. Names have been removed for confidentiality.

This listing does not include purchase suggestions. Those comments are handled separately as the library buys items that match our Collection Development Policy.

Don’t like new computer system

We are sorry. The PrairieCat group moved from our outdated and overstretched circulation software during the summer. We did extensive planning and training prior to the move. But with any move some things have gone awry. For example, due to paper sizing patrons with several items overdue are receiving notices on each item, not one notice for all the items. But those issues are being corrected.

We think the patrons will like the option of Reading History in the My Account section of the webcatalog. If you decide to participate (Opt In), the software will keep track of what you have read. Patrons may also choose how they want to be notified – email, automated phone and soon, texting.

The library is awesome

Thank you. We agree that libraries are awesome!

Alphabetize the music like the movies

This has been a topic of staff discussion for a while. Before a final decision can be made, we have to balance the cost in staff time and supplies to make the change. And because there are many genres within music, is it more useful to group by genre and then by artists? We will keep you posted on our decision.

Playaway’s would be great to offer at Peru Library. Thank you.

This is a format we have considered. So far we have skipped this format, going right to the downloadable e-audio books since patrons may download directly to their own device.

Best DVD collection in the area

Thank you. It isn’t easy choosing what to buy. We try to guess what patrons like to watch, mixing movies with TV series with documentaries.

I think it is a very nice set-up that kids downstairs can have a homework table. And it is nice and quiet downstairs so they can concentrate.

Thank you. You may have noticed the children’s area has seen several rearrangements. Staff added the homework table and comfortable seating for parents and others. We will continue to adjust the seating until we find the best arrangement.

You should have comic books

We are considering adding comic books to our collection. This is not a new format for many libraries, but for Peru we will need to consider shelving needs, checkout time frame, fines and cataloging supplies before a final decision is made.

You should get more movies

Recently the Friends donated money to increase our TV series collection so you will be seeing more series in our collection. Big thank you to our Friends!

New computer chairs

Our new computer chairs are here. We choose them for their comfort, easy of cleaning and floor gliding ability.

I like the new hours. Thank you for opening at 9 a.m.

Thank you. The earlier opening is popular with patrons and staff.

I believe the fiction was better when it was organized by section not by author! It’s too hard to locate the way it is now!

Really wish the library had a fantasy/SF/Alt History bookshelf again to find authors I don’t know of and for ease of selection even when I do know the author. Thanks,

For a time, the library separated our mystery, westerns and science fiction books into three collections. The only genre books still separated are westerns. We returned to interfiling the mystery and science fiction genre with the general fiction because the collection had become choppy, causing confusion of where one genre stopped and another started. On a positive note, the interfiling has encouraged patrons to read across genres since they discover authors as they browse through the entire collection.

We add spine labels to our western, science fiction, and mystery books to make it easier to locate books on the shelves. By the way, if you see a science fiction, western or mystery book without a genre spine label, please give it to a staff member. We don’t always know when to add a genre label.

We periodically revisit the decision to interfile the adult fiction collection to see if it is still justified.

We need a consent form giving consent to family members to pick up our material on their card.

This is a policy change the library board began discussing at their July meeting. It would be a philosophical change that must remain within the state’s confidentiality law. We’ll keep you posted on the board’s decision.

Please bring back table with ‘free’ books or mag. (magazine) you are throwing away. Even ask for a donation.

Don’t just throw your old books to the landfill. But put on a table and ask for a donation.

The library isn’t throwing the old books and magazines into a landfill. We are recycling them along with our other paper recyclables. For years, the staff and board received patron comments concerning how junky and tacky the main foyer looked with the table(s) of free items. It was decided to open up the foyer by removing as much as possible. For example, the magazine stand is now in the Friends book sale room. Since we completed our weeding project last fall, the majority of books and magazines in our recycling come from donations too old or worn for our collection and unpurchased from the book sale room.

Awesome service & assistance

Very helpful staff

Thank you. We try to provide all of our patrons with friendly and helpful service.

I believe it would be a great thing to hold another fighter tournament, i.e. Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Soul Caliber, etc.

We agree. We hold gaming tournaments during Teen Tech Week each March. It takes a great deal of time for the staff and the volunteers to prepare, run and dismantle the tournament. We wish we could hold tournaments more often, but the staff and volunteer commitment is enormous.

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