Legal Assistance

There are a number of organizations available to assist area residents with legal questions and issues. Most of these organizations are free or low-cost to area residents, with their funding from taxes and/or grant funding.

Many of the following sites have downloadable, online forms for various legal issues. Individuals should consult an attorney to confirm the suitability of these forms.

Illinois Legal Aid Online works to increase access to justice for lower-income and vulnerable Illinois residents through the innovative use of technology to assist and educate the public. The website has articles, information on legal issues (such as making a will) and links to pro bono attorneys. The site also has various legal forms for online completion. Illinois Legal Aid Online posts informational videos, for easy viewing from home or the library.

A Spanish-language version of Illinois Legal Aid Online is available at:,

Prairie State Legal Services is a not-for-profit law firm providing civil legal services at no charge for eligible persons. Prairie State has offices in Ottawa, 815-434-5903 or use their toll free number for Legal Assistance for Older Adults (888-965-7757).

General, non-Illlinois specific, legal information is available at FindLaw. The site also has basic legal forms for a fee.