eBooks and eAudiobooks

Peru Public Library offers our patrons two collections for eBooks and eAudiobooks, the OMNI and the eRead Illinois catalogs. You will need the barcode and PIN from your Peru library card.


The library participates in OMNI, a group of 70+ libraries offering downloadable books to our patrons. OMNI has over 5,000 titles available for borrowing. With OMNI you may borrow 5 eBooks and/or eAudios at a time, with a maximum of 12 per week.

Not sure how to download these OMNI books to your eReader? Try one of these handouts for information on your specific device:


Or try these Overdrive videos on downloading to various devices.

We participate in the statewide eRead Illinois project, offering another source of eBooks and eAudios to our patrons. You may borrow 3 eBooks and/or eAudio books and 5 outstanding holds at any one time from eRead Illinois.

Use these handouts to download to your eReader:

The axisReader app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play, as well as via links in the App Zone of the mobile Axis 360 websites. Also, with the opening of the entire Google Play app store for users of NOOK tablets, NOOK owners can follow the general instructions for Android devices to load and use axisReader on their favorite eReaders.

Other sources for downloadable books

Check out these sites as possible sites for free (public domain) ebBoks at a juvenile reading level: