Talking Books

Patrons unable to read or use traditional print books due to visual or physical disabilities might wish to use other available resources, such as Voices of Vision or the Library eBook Accessibilty Program (LEAP) for talking books.

To register for Voices of Vision, complete the application form. The Voices of Vision program has books and magazines in audio and braille format. An overview of the collection is provided through this link.

LEAP also has books, magazines and newspapers. You are limited to 20 downloads per month.  LEAP participation is free, requiring your Peru library card number. To sign up for LEAP, visit our OMNI ebooks site to register. You will be taken to the Bookshare website for the actual registration. Remember this service is free through the library’s OMNI membership. Use the Promotional Code LEAP1 to qualify for your free membership.

Both Voices of Vision and LEAP are free to qualified participants.