Preschool Power Hour

Preschool Power Hour

Preschool Power Hour (formerly Story Time) at the Peru Public Library is a program for children ages 3-5  in which we share stories based on a weekly theme. Join Miss Lynn and Miss Meridith each week as they engage your child through picture books, songs, poems, finger plays, and puppets. During certain Preschool Power Hour sessions, we connect stories to real life with “Explore and Learn” activities, which are preschool-appropriate science experiments. Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. we meet at the Story Time Castle for a really great time. Hope to see you there.


October 7: Opposites

night and dayJoin us today as we read, sing, dance, and play to learn all about opposites: right and left, up and down, fast and slow. We’ll read Octopus Opposites and do the Hokey Pokey, along with a lot more! An Explore and Learn experiment will teach us all about opposite textures, and we will match up light and dark shapes at the craft table.

October 14: Once Upon a Timecastle

Today, we’ll explore the world of fairy tales! Castles, knights, princesses, and dragons come to life as we read The Sunflower Sword and Ninja Red Riding Hood, pretend to be dragons, sing “Curtsy Like a Princess”, and hear the story of the Five Little Knights on the flannel board. We will make our own version of the Princess and the Pea at the craft table.

October 21: Mysterious Stories

magnifying glassWe are detectives today as we read and talk all about mysteries and how they are solved. We’ll play mystery games, like “Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?” and “Mystery Bag.” An Explore and Learn activity encourages young detectives to use problem-solving skills, and we will put a puzzle page back together at the craft table.

October 28: Have a Spook-tacular Halloweenspooky tree

It’s our Halloween party day today, so be sure to wear your costume! Before the party, we will read fun books to get us in the Halloween spirit, like There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat, dance like goblins, carve pretend pumpkins, and sing a special version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” It’s sure to be a very fun time for all!

November 4: Things That Go!

airplaneIf you love planes, trains, automobiles, and all things that go, then you will love today’s Preschool Power Hour. We will read Toot Toot Beep Beep and learn about the different sounds that cars make, pretend we’re airplanes, play a vehicle guessing game, and make a train at the craft table.

November 11: Library closed for Veteran’s Day

There will be no Preschool Power Hour today. The library is closed in observance of Veteran’s Day. See you next Wednesday!

November 18: Thanks a Lot!turkey

Today, we’ll talk and read about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for. We’ll sing “If You’re Thankful and You Know It”, help a turkey find some bright feathers, do the Turkey Pokey, and make a turkey at the craft table. This Preschool Power Hour is guaranteed to be a fun time.

November 25: No Preschool Power Hour

There will be no Preschool Power Hour today. See you next week!

December 2: Cookies

cookieEveryone’s favorite treat is in the spotlight during today’s Preschool Power Hour. We will read special books all about cookies, pretend we’re bakers, and play a cookie matching game. At the craft table, we’ll decorate a paper cookie!

December 9: Let It Snowsnowflake

Snow will teach us all about what happens when it snows. We’ll also read and sing about snow, snowmen, and pretend we are snowflakes! A favorite snowman might make an appearance during this Preschool Power Hour, and you won’t be able to say no to building a snowman at the craft table!

December 16: Jolly Holly-days

christmas treeFind out what happens when you stay up too late when Santa visits in A Creature Was Stirring. Rudolph needs a little help finding his nose, and we’ll also sing and do lots of winter and holiday themed finger plays today. We will make paper ornaments at the craft table and celebrate the season.

December 23: No Preschool Power Hour

There will be no Preschool Power Hour today. See you on January 6!

December 30: No Preschool Power Hour

There will be no Preschool Power Hour today. See you on January 6!

January 6: Dinosaurs Roar!brontosaurus

Stomp on in to the library this morning to find out what happens Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp and in Dinosaur vs. Bedtime! We’ll be “Dinosaurs Dancing”, fly like Pteranodon, and make a dinosaur out of shapes at the craft table. Young paleontologists will love this week’s Explore and Learn activity.  

January 13: Today I Feel…

smiley faceWe’ll explore feelings today in Llama Llama Mad at Mama and Today I Feel Happy and Sad and Angry and Glad. We will also learn what to do “If You Chance to Meet a Frown”, shake our sillies out, and sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” At the craft table, we will draw what our faces look like when we feel happy, sad, and scared. Everyone will be happy leaving this Preschool Power Hour!

January 20: Super Shapesshapes

Today, we’ll get silly as we learn about shapes! We’ll read Circle, Square, Moose and The Shape of My Heart. We will dance to “Shaping up with Shapes” and find out what happens when we all make a big picture out of shapes. At the craft table, we will make a shape matching game.

January 27: Groundhogs and Shadows

GroundhogGroundhog Day is just around the corner, so we will talk about the holiday, learn about shadows, and wonder whether the groundhog will see his shadow! We will read Shadow Night, talk about why shadows follow us around, make shadow puppets at the craft table, and have fun with an Explore and Learn activity.

February 3: Penguins!penguin

Find out what happens when penguins go on vacation, then dance like a Rock Hopper Penguin, do the Penguin Hokey Pokey, and make a penguin from shapes at the craft table. During our Explore and Learn activity, try to carry an egg just like penguins do!

February 10: Lots of Love

heartsToday, we celebrate Valentine’s Day! We’ll read My Heart Is Like a Zoo and other fun Valentine’s Day books, play a heart-themed matching game, sing “H-E-A-R-T”, and design heart-themed pictures at the craft table. This is one Preschool Power Hour you won’t want to miss!

February 17: Elephantastic!elephant

Learn what to do if an elephant stands on your foot today during Preschool Power Hour. We will also pretend to be elephants, find out what happens when an elephant goes out to play, and make an elephant mask at the craft table. There is also a special Explore and Learn experiment planned for today!

February 24: Houses and Homes

houseDo Lions Live on Lily Pads? We will find out today! We’ll also explore other animal homes as well as our own. On the flannel board, we’ll find out what kinds of animals live in the barnyard. At the craft table, we’ll make a house out of shapes.

March 2: Mother Goose Madness


Get ready for nursery rhyme fun today during Preschool Power Hour! We’ll read Hickory, Dickory, Dock and sing along to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.” We’ll play “Ten in the Bed” and make the Itsy Bitsy Spider at the craft table. 

March 9: All Dressed Up

clothesToday, we’ll talk all about clothes and our very favorite outfits. We will read Ella Sarah Gets Dressed and Too Purpley! We’ll also play a sock matching game, sing “Hats, Mittens, Socks, and Shoes”, and design our perfect outfit at the craft table.

March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!pot of gold

We’ll learn about luck, four leaf clovers, and leprechauns today as we read, talk, and sing all about the holiday. We will read What Makes a Rainbow?, act like leprechauns, and find out what a leprechaun’s lucky charms are! At the craft table, we will make a crazy shamrock. Remember to wear your green! 

March 24: Eggs and Bunnies

easter bunnyHop on in to the library today for a fun-filled Preschool Power Hour. Find out what happens when we read Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs! We’ll act like bunnies, have lots of fun with egg shakers, and decorate an Easter egg at the craft table today. 

March 30: Spring Has Sprungflowers

Flowers and spring animals are the focus of today’s Preschool Power Hour. We’ll learn all about the spring season in Exploring Spring. We will also talk and sing about rain and how that helps flowers grow! At the craft table, we’ll make a flower bouquet.

April 6: Lots of Laughs

silly faceToday’s Preschool Power Hour is all about having fun and being silly! We’ll read Never Mail an Elephant, play with egg shakers, and sing “Down by the Bay.” At the craft table, we’ll make a silly monster mask. You won’t want to miss today’s session! 

April 13: Fun with Colorscolored pencils

Get ready to read, sing, and talk all about colors today! We will read Little Green Peas, talk about Dog’s Colorful Day, and sing “Mmm Aaah Went the Little Green Frog”, along with lots more. We will retell Dog’s Colorful Day at the craft table when we make an ornament of Dog. An Explore and Learn activity will give us hands-on color mixing experience. 

April 20: All about Earth!

earthIt’s almost Earth Day, so today we’ll learn about how we can help the Earth. We will read All the World, sing “The Green Grass Grew All Around”, and make an Earth at the craft table. An Explore and Learn activity will give us a chance to experience Earth in a new way!

April 27: Fantastic Favoritesstar

This is our last Preschool Power Hour for the spring, so today’s theme is favorites! We’ll read some of the best-loved books, play with egg shakers, sing our favorite songs, and draw our favorite things at the craft table. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate with us!

Registration is requested for planning purposes. Reserve your spot by calling Children’s Services at (815) 223-0229 x 5. 

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