Teachers’ Page

Welcome to the Teachers’ Page!  This page is dedicated to sharing information about library resources which teachers, home school families and others working with children may find helpful. In addition, feel free to contact Children’s Services with suggestions for enhancing our book collection. In fact, some of our recent additions have been suggested by education professionals.

Remember those long ago Saturday mornings with Schoolhouse Rock on television?  The great news is Schoolhouse Rock is back and available at Peru Public Library.  Check out School House Rock (30th Anniversary Edition) (2010) DVD and bring these classic educational songs to a new generation of learners.

Let Brian P. Cleary, author of the series Words Are CATegorical, delight students as they learn the different parts of speech through silly rhymes and brilliantly colored cartoon characters. A Lime, a Mime, a Pool of Slime: More about Nouns is just one of several titles added to this Brian Clearly book series.

School is a daily adventure for both students and teachers.  Adventures of Everyday Geniuses’ series by Barbara Esham celebrates the individuality of children while capturing the thoughts and emotions of children who have different learning abilities.  These heartwarming and enlightening books may just be the key to understanding not all children learn alike and the necessity of empowering children to embrace their individuality for successful learning.

Always remember to check out our Reader’s Advisory page for all the new books added to our library’s collection.